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Outpatient service

Genetic and health testing

The management center focuses on three representative life-stage health management services: children's growth, parental care and elderly health. It combines basic knowledge of genes and cells with cutting-edge scientific breakthroughs to collect and analyze family members'health status, gene analysis, body status, behavior habits, nutritional metabolism, existing diseases and diseases. Family genetic history, as well as all information including sub-health signals, systematically sketches the overall picture of the health status of family members of customers, which reflects the scientific model of "Zhilikang" modern family precise health management.

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About Zealcom Group

Zhi Likang Group owns Zhi Likang Precision Medical Center, Zhi Likang Health Management Center, Outpatient Service, and layout of tumors. Individualized precise treatment, transformation of scientific and technological achievements, and detection of public health genes form an ecological chain of precise health care. Multidimensional value-added services such as specialist diagnosis and treatment, gene detection, chronic disease management, telemedicine, women's health, preventive treatment with traditional Chinese medicine, etc. Maintaining the leading level in the field of gene sequencing and other cutting-edge technologies, and striving to build the leading precision medical products in China Industry cluster.


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